The President of Ethiopia Welcomes Our Administrators

A Courtesy Visit to the President


Administrators of Nejashi Ethio-Turkish Int’l Schools in Ethiopia paid a courtesy visit to His Excellency, the President of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Prof. Dr. Mulatu Teshome, on October 29, 2013 at the Presidential Palace in Addis Ababa. The President was the Ambassador of Ethiopia to Ankara, Turkey before he was elected as the fourth President of Ethiopia.

The president welcomed the delegate warmly and the general manager of Turkish Schools, having 6 branches with a student population around 1200 students from 35 different countries, briefed the President about the educational and social responsibility projects and activities of the schools so far.

The President praised the activities of the Turkish Schools in Ethiopia and said "I see the Njeashi Ethio-Turkish Int’l Schools as bridge between Ethiopia and Turkey and I am aware of that the administrators of Turkish Schools here in Ethiopia helped our activities in Turkey and answered our demands positively always. Many of the Turkish investors in Ethiopia and even some of the honorary counselors of Ethiopia to Turkey were/are being encouraged to come to Ethiopia by the administrators and board members of your schools. We have formed an environment of mutual trust and friendship and started this journey together”.

His Excellency, the President of Ethiopia, also commented on the quality education provided and the students of the Turkish Schools and said "I believe that the students learning at your schools will be very helpful to boost the relations of Ethiopia and Turkey. Having the ability of speaking Amharic and Turkish, they will be quite helpful to the investors and traders by making the links and they will also strengthen the relations and the ties between two countries at all levels”.

The President also encouraged the administrators and suggested that in addition to the quality Turkish schools providing education from Kindergarten to Preparatory level, an exemplary university collage should be opened to answer the demands in higher education as well.

Lastly, the President underlined the Presidential and governmental support for the educational and social responsibility projects developed and practiced by the schools.

At the end of the visit, a remembrance photo, taken during a meeting with the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and the General Manager of Turkish Schools in Ethiopia when His Excellency was the Ambassador to Ankara, Turkey, was presented to the President and His Excellency explained his pleasure and said that it was a beautiful and a very complementary gift.